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By The Modern Nonna

on Nov 18, 2022, Updated Nov 05, 2023

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This cream of hidden veggie soup is possibly the healthiest you’ve ever tasted! My parents taught me how to make creamy soups without using heavy cream, and I’ve never gone back. We’ve been making soups like this in my family for generations. The secret to making it velvety and creamy is potatoes 🥔!

Table of Contents

  • Why You’ll Love My Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • How to Prepare Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Nonna’s Tip
  • Variations and Substitutions For This Soup
  • Best Served With
  • Similar Recipes
  • Common Questions
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup Recipe

Why You’ll Love My Creamy Vegetable Soup

Potatoes can transform any soup into a beautiful and silky texture. In Bulgaria 🇧🇬, we are known for making some of the best soups, and it is a staple food for us. Soup has always been a part of our tradition and culture, and we rarely have a meal without it. This particular soup is made with six or more hidden vegetables, which you would never know are in here!

How to Prepare Creamy Vegetable Soup

Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add the onions and sauté. Then add carrots, celery, and garlic and continue to sauté briefly. There’s no need to dice as everything will be puréed later.

Season with salt and pepper. Add cauliflower florets and 🥔 potatoes. Pour in enough stock and water to cover the veggies and bring it to a boil.

Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low. Then, partially cover the pot with a lid and let it simmer for 25 to 30 minutes or until the vegetables are soft.

When the soup is ready, you can use an immersion blender to purée until smooth. Alternatively, use a traditional blender to blend the veggies with the stock in batches for an even smoother texture.

If using a regular blender, return the creamy soup to the pot. Adjust seasoning by tasting for 🧂 salt. Serve the soup, topping it with bacon bits and chives.

Nonna’s Tip

You can use an immersion blender, but I do find a regular blender gives the soup a smoother consistency.

Creamy Vegetable Soup (2)

Variations and Substitutions For This Soup

This creamy soup lends itself to a number of different options, whether to accommodate dietary preferences or maybe to use up some veggies you have in your fridge!

  • For added protein, you could include some cubed ham or diced chicken.
  • There are so many toppings that would work with this soup: chives, bacon bits, pumpkin seeds, and fresh 🌿 herbs (like parsley or cilantro).
  • This recipe could be made completely vegetarian or vegan if you make it with vegetable stock (or broth made with my vegetable stock cubes) and then also leave out the bacon bits that I used as a topping.
  • Feel free to experiment with different broths (vegetable, chicken, mushroom or beef) or stocks for added flavor. You could even use bone broth.

Best Served With

  • Bacon bits 🥓 are optional at the end so feel free to leave them out or add any other toppings you enjoy. For example, you can bake your own croutons and drizzle some sour cream on top of the soup as well.
  • Feel free to add fresh, finely chopped dill to this soup as it gives the soup incredible flavor.
  • Try the soup with one of my crusty no-knead breads. My No-Knead Peasant Bread or No-Knead Focaccia Bread would be a fantastic option to serve with the soup.

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Common Questions

What type of salt do you use?

I use Redmond Real Salt, please note that depending on the salt you use, your dish may be less or more salty. Salt is always to taste. Therefore, always taste and adjust as you cook.

What type of broth do you use?

I love any broths by Kettle and Fire, so click HERE and use my code THEMODERNNONNA for 20% off!

Why are the Veggies chopped roughly and not finely?

Don’t stress about chopping the veggies roughly as all the veggies will get blended together regardless.

Can I leave out the bacon?

Bacon bits are optional at the end so feel free to leave them out or add any other toppings you enjoy.

Creamy Vegetable Soup

This might be the healthiest cream of hidden veggie soup you’ve ever had! When mom and dad taught me how to make the healthiest creamy soups without the heavy cream, I just never looked back. We have been making soups like this in my family for generations. The secret ingredient to making it just as velvety and creamy, is potatoes! Potatoes will transform any soup into the most beautiful and silky texture.

4.53 from 63 votes

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Course: Main Course, Soup

Cuisine: Bulgarian

Servings: 3

Author: The Modern Nonna

Prep Time: 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes minutes

Total Time: 40 minutes minutes


  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2 carrots, diced
  • 2 celery ribs
  • 2 garlic cloves, quartered
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper , to taste
  • 5 cups cauliflower , small head
  • 3 potatoes , peeled and quartered
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2 cups water
  • chives + bacon bits for presentation are optional


  • In a big pot on the stove on medium high heat add olive oil and add the onions.

  • You do not need to dice anything finely because everything will be puréed at the end.

  • Add the carrots, celery, garlic and sauté for a few minutes.

  • Season with salt, pepper, and stir again. Add the cauliflower florets and potatoes.

  • Cover with enough stock and water and put just enough to cover the veggies. Let it come to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium-low and partially cover it with a lid, let it cook for 25 to 30 minutes or until the veggies are soft.

  • Once the soup is done, you can use a stick blender to blend until smooth. You can also blend the veggies with the stock in batches in a blender if you don’t own an immersion blender.

  • If blending with a blender, pour the creamy soup back in to the pot and taste for salt. Serve with bacon bits and chives.



Calories: 342kcal, Carbohydrates: 55g, Protein: 10g, Fat: 11g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g, Monounsaturated Fat: 7g, Cholesterol: 6mg, Sodium: 1265mg, Potassium: 1650mg, Fiber: 10g, Sugar: 10g, Vitamin A: 6817IU, Vitamin C: 128mg, Calcium: 106mg, Iron: 3mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

Additional Info

Course: Main Course, Soup

Cuisine: Bulgarian

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Creamy Vegetable Soup (2024)


When making a vegetable soup, it is important to remember to avoid __________.? ›

Question 28 A clearmeat is made with egg whites, ground meat and an acidic ingredient such as tomatoes. Question 30 When making a vegetable soup, it is important to remember to avoid: undercooking the vegetables.

How do you make soup more creamy? ›

Adding starchy foods like rice, potatoes, pasta, and beans can also help thicken up a soup while adding texture and body. As they cook, they release starches, creating a thicker consistency. Beans and potatoes are an especially great choice for making creamy, dairy-free vegetarian or vegan soups.

What cream is best for soup? ›

Use what you love! Cream: Half and half, heavy cream, light cream or thickened cream all yield similar results, however heavy cream adds richness. Flour: We need flour to create that delicious, creamy texture mushroom soup is loved for.

How many calories are in creamy vegetable soup? ›

Nutrition Information

Per serving (1 cup): Calories: 150. Total fat: 9 g. Sat fat: 1.5 g.

What is the most important ingredient in soup? ›

For clear, brothy soups, stock is your most important ingredient. If you want to make a good soup, you need to use an excellently flavored stock — otherwise, the entire pot could be tasteless.

What are the secrets to flavorful soup? ›

To make sure that every spoonful of soup is richly flavored, with juicy meat and/or tender vegetables, follow these kitchen-tested tips.
  1. Use a Sturdy Pot. ...
  2. Sauté the Aromatics. ...
  3. Start with Good Broth. ...
  4. Cut Vegetables to the Right Size. ...
  5. Stagger the Addition of Vegetables. ...
  6. Keep Liquid at a Simmer. ...
  7. Season Just Before Serving.
Oct 9, 2022

Does adding milk to soup make it creamy? ›

Whether you use a few tablespoons or a few cups, cream gives soup a silky mouthfeel and rich flavor. You can definitely add milk or other dairy as well, though it will taste gradually less creamy as you go down in percent.

What is the secret ingredient to thicken soup? ›

Add Flour Or Cornstarch

You can thicken soup by adding flour, cornstarch, or another starchy substitute.

How do you thicken creamy vegetable soup? ›

6 ways to thicken soup:
  1. Blend all or part of it. If you've made a broth with chunks of vegetable in it, such as minestrone soup, then pour the soup through a sieve. ...
  2. Add cream or yogurt. ...
  3. Add flour or cornflour. ...
  4. Use a butter and flour paste. ...
  5. Blend in bread. ...
  6. Add lentils or rice.

What is the best thickener for cream soup? ›

Cornstarch is a great option as it is a natural thickening agent, but you'll want to be careful about how much you use. Start with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch whisked together with cold water to create a slurry. Then, gradually add the slurry to the soup, letting it boil for one to two minutes before adding more.

When should you add cream to soup? ›

If you started the soup with broth, stock or water, I would wait until the end to add the cream. You can warm the cream, or “temper” it, which is what I do. Take about half a cup of the hot broth and slowly add your cream to that, stirring constantly.

What cream do you pour on soup? ›

Soured cream has been treated with lactic acid, which gives it a tangy taste. It has a thick texture but only around 18% fat content. Use it for making cheesecakes, dips, topping nachos, and in soups and sauces, but it cannot be boiled or it will spilt.

How many calories are in 2 cups of homemade vegetable soup? ›

Vegetable Soup Homemade (2 cups) contains 9g total carbs, 3g net carbs, 2g fat, 4g protein, and 80 calories.

How many calories are in 4 cups of vegetable soup? ›

There are 393 calories in 4 cups of Vegetable Soup (Home Recipe).

How many calories are in 3 cups of vegetable soup? ›

There are 167 calories in 3 cups of Vegetable Soup (Low Sodium, with Water). * The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet.

What is the importance of vegetable soup? ›

Vegetables are low in calories and unsaturated fats, which is good for the heart. Consuming a healthy bowl of vegetable soup prevents the accumulation of debris or bad cholesterol within the arteries. This prevents atherosclerosis, heart attacks, heart blocks, etc., and maintains healthy blood circulation.

What are two things to consider when evaluating a soup? ›

A soup's quality is determined by its flavor, appearance and texture. A good soup should be full-flavored, with no off or sour tastes. Flavors from each of the soup's ingre- dients should blend and complement, with no one flavor overpowering another.

What is the most important part of a soup? ›

The Foundation: Broths and Stocks

The rich tapestry of flavors in homemade soup begins with its base – the broth or stock. These liquid foundations absorb the essences of anything they touch, hence the insistence on simmering them gently to achieve a depth that sets the tone for your dish.

What are the main factors to consider a healthy soup? ›

When made with nutrient-rich ingredients, such as vegetables and lean proteins, soup may provide numerous health benefits. However, you may want to watch out for cream-based, canned, and instant soups, as they tend to have a higher calorie and sodium content.

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