12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (2024)

12 Sicilian Pasta recipes.

Bring a taste of Sicily to your table with these 12 Sicilian pasta recipes from my hubby’s homeland .

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (1)

20 regions, 20 different kitchens.

Italy is abeautiful country and every region has fabulous landscapes and places to visit.However, when it comes to food, Italian cuisine is really made up of 20 often verydifferent regional kitchens. And, despite the availability nowadays of the samefood products throughout the Italian peninsula, many Italians still have apreference for their local cuisine and locally grown produce. The same goes for local types of pasta andpasta recipes.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (2)

My favourite regional cuisine is ...

I love all things Sicilian (including my hubby!). If I had to choose my favourite regional cuisine (very difficult choice!), I guess I’d have to say Sicilian. And not because that’s where my hubby comes from! Most probably because I love seafood and the fresh seafood in Sicily is Amazing with a capital ‘A’! Pasta with seafood is pretty awesome in Sicily as you’ll see in this collection of 12 Sicilian pasta recipes.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (3)

However, Sicilians love their meat, veggies and cheese too! So, these 12 Sicilian pasta recipes include some delicious non-fishy dishes. These recipes are all made with typical Sicilian ingredients and mostly pasta that is traditional in Sicily, for example busiate, spaccatelle and anelletti! I hope you’ll give some of these recipes a try and bring a taste of Sicily to your table!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes: seafood.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (4)

Fresh tuna meatballs with giant penne. Made with pine nuts, mint and lemon zest, these Sicilian fresh tuna meatballs are also fabulous served as an antipasto or snack or with potatoes. However, I think they’re best with pasta!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (5)

Pasta with sardines and wild fennel. This Sicilian seafood pasta recipe is one of the oldest pasta recipes on the island. Dating back to 827A.D. this recipe is a delicious fusion of ingredients from Arab and Mediterranean cultures. A reminder of Sicily’s fascinating history.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (6)

Reginette with swordfish, eggplant and mint. I particularly like this recipe because it really is a treat for the taste buds! It includes fried eggplant, giving it that authentic Sicilian flavour, along with fresh mint and some grated lemon rind.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (7)

Busiate with bottarga, almonds and prawns. Sicilian seafood pasta doesn’t get much better than this busiate pasta with bottarga (tuna roe) and prawns from Trapani. The sweetness of the Mazzara prawns and almonds, combine with the salty taste of the bottarga and the fresh basil and parsley to produce a flavour that says Sicily in every mouthful!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes: vegetarian.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (8)

Occhi di lupo with ricotta and pistachios: This pasta with ricotta and pistachio is a delicious example of how beautifully these two very typical Sicilian foodscan be combined to make a divine creamy plate of occhi di lupo pasta.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (9)

Rigatoni alla Norma: I have lost count of how many times I’ve enjoyed this famous classic Sicilian pasta dish. My hubby has cooked it for me, his mum and sisters have cooked it for me and I’ve eaten it in Sicily! Made with tomato sauce, eggplant, salted ricotta and basil this pasta dish is so incredibly satisfying and full of Mediterranean flavour.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (10)

Anelletti eggplant boats: These anelletti pasta eggplant boats are a fabulous Sicilian version of stuffed eggplant! Made with typical Sicilian ingredients, this pasta dish is not only seriously yummy but it looks great too. Your guests will love it!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (11)

Spaccatelle with Sicilian sun-dried tomato pesto: There are a number of Sicilian pesto recipes including pistachio pesto and pesto Trapanese. However, I think this is my favourite. I’m a big sun-dried tomato fan! I just love the intense flavour they have and combining them with the garlic, pecorino, olive oil, pine nuts and almonds in this recipe really brings out the flavour!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes: meat.

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (12)

Pasta al forno: This recipe is based on the wonderful ‘pasta al forno’ (baked pasta) my Sicilian mother-in-law makes! It’s actually THE most popular recipe here on The Pasta Project so definitely worth making and tasting!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (13)

Maltagliati with braised veal and onions: This maltagliati con l’aggrassatu involves slow cooking or braising veal and onions together in a wine and stock sauce. Although this isn’t a very colourful looking dish, it tastes amazing. I especially liked the addition of cloves and the thick oniony sauce! I’m sure if you try it, you’ll agree with me!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (14)

Sicilian broccoli pasta with sausage and chard: My Sicilian hubby introduced me to pasta with broccoli and it really was love at first bite! Since then, I have made different versions of this typical Southern Italian dish. All delicious! However, this version with sausage is definitely one of my favourites!

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (15)

Baked anelletti timballo: A timballo of oven-baked anellettiis the most popular 'pasta bake' in Sicily, particularly in Palermo the island’s capital. It takes a little time to make but the looks on your guests’ faces will make it worth it!

If you do try any of these 12 Sicilian pasta recipes, I’d love to hear what you think.Please write a comment here on the blog or post a comment onthe Pasta Project Facebook page.

Your feedback means a lot to me!

Buon Appetito!

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12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (16)

12 Sicilian pasta recipes for your table. (2024)


What is the most popular pasta dish in Sicily? ›

Pasta alla Norma is arguably the best representation of Sicilian cuisine out there, making the most of local tomatoes, aubergines, garlic, basil and ricotta salata, salted ricotta. It's called Norma after the nineteenth century opera of the same name – both the dish and the music are regarded as true masterpieces.

What is the national dish of Sicily? ›

Pasta con le Sarde (pasta with sardines) is the national dish of Sicily, in which the tradition of Italian pasta meets the Mediterranean island's seafood-focused cuisine.

What is Italy most famous pasta dish? ›

Spaghetti Bolognese

It is commonly served with parmesan cheese. The dish is one of Italy's most popular exports, and thought to have originated in Imola, a northern Italian city west of Bologna some time around the late 1800s - when the first reference to the dish's ragu sauce was recorded.

What is the number 1 selling pasta in Italy? ›

Barilla. Barilla is one of the leading pasta brands in Italy and worldwide, known for its wide range of pasta shapes and sauces.

What are the 4 main Italian pasta dishes? ›

There are four classic Roman pasta dishes: cacio e pepe, carbonara, amatriciana, and alla gricia. Each one is a variation on the other — alla gricia is cacio e pepe plus guanciale, carbonara is gricia plus egg, and so on. These four dishes are famous in all of Italian cooking, not just in Rome.

What are three foods you can eat in Sicily? ›

15 Uniquely Sicilian Foods You Need to Try
  • 1) Caponata. ...
  • 2) Busiate alla Norma. ...
  • 3) Sarde alla Beccafico. ...
  • 4) Cannoli Siciliani. ...
  • 5) Panelle (Fried Chickpea Fritters) ...
  • 6) Granita/Granita con Brioche. ...
  • 7) Anything Ricotta. ...
  • 8) Panino con la milza.
Feb 6, 2022

What do Sicilians eat in a day? ›

A Sicilian Mediterranean Diet example:
  • A brioche or croissant for breakfast OR 1 slice of bread, toast, or cereals for breakfast with honey or jam.
  • A portion of fruit 2 times per day (as snacks)
  • A portion of vegetables 2 times per day.
  • A portion of fish 3 times a week.
  • No more than 2 eggs per week.
  • No Fast food.

What drink is Sicily known for? ›

Sicily is Italy's third largest wine-producing region, most famously known for its fortified Marsala wines, but also producing a number of other varieties such as Zibibbo, Primativo, Moscato and Passito .

What is pizza called in Sicily? ›

Sicilian pizza is also known as sfincione (Italian: [sfinˈtʃoːne]; Sicilian: sfinciuni, Sicilian: [sfɪnˈtʃuːnɪ]) or focaccia with toppings. This type of pizza became a popular dish in western Sicily by the mid-19th century and was the type of pizza usually consumed in Sicily until the 1860s.

What fruit is native to Sicily? ›

Sicily is also the land of tropical fruit. If we think of the fruits grown in Sicily, we do not immediately think of tropical fruit, but of citrus fruits! Oranges, lemons, grapefruits and mandarins steal the scene from Sicilian mangoes, papayas, avocados and bananas.

What is Sicilian street food? ›

But you can also choose from a wide range of vegetarian dishes: pane, panelle e crocchè ( bread, fritters and croquettes), pollanche (boiled corn on the cob), carduna cardoons fried in batter, pipittuna (sliced citrons served with salt), muluni (sliced watermelon) and ficurinnia (prickly pears).

What is spaghetti called in Italy? ›

Etymology. Spaghetti is the plural form of the Italian word spaghetto, which is a diminutive of spago, meaning 'thin string' or 'twine'.

What town in Italy is famous for pasta? ›

Known as the 'Città della Pasta' (City of Pasta), the sleepy coastal town of Gragnano in Italy's Campania region became famous in the late 1700s for its 'white gold', or macaroni.

What is Sicilian pasta called? ›

Casarecce is a variety of Italian pasta with Sicilian origins. The long twists of casarecce appear to have rolled up on themselves, making it an ideal pasta for holding both robust, traditional sauces and the simple ones.

What is typical Palermo pasta? ›

- Anelletti al forno: anelletti is Palermo's most loved pasta shape. In this dish the little rings are baked in the oven with meat sauce and mozzarella cheese. - Sarde a beccafico: sardine roulades stuffed with wild fennel, raisins and pine nuts.

Is pasta big in Sicily? ›

While Sicily's famous food dishes include pasta, tomato, cheese, oil olive, and seafood, there are novel ways that the island differs from the mainland. The main reason is Sicily's conquerors—Greeks, Moors, Normans, Phoenicians, Romans, and Spanish—transplanted their own food ingredients.

What is the most famous pastry in Sicily? ›

This is Valeria Gulotta –Valy for all my friends- it's a plaesure talk and share with you my knowledges aboout my incredible island.

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