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After you graduate, the university will send important announcements to the address registered when you were a student. Please contact us if there are any changes to your name, address, phone number, workplace, further academic institutions, etc. If there is a change to the address for mailings from Waseda University and the Waseda University Alumni Association, including the Waseda Gakuho (which is mailed to dues-paying members), please take the following steps.
The Alumni Affairs Section of the Office of the President of Waseda University (the Waseda University Alumni Association administration) manages the personal information of Waseda University Alumni Association members.

MyWaseda Procedures

MyWaseda is a Waseda University portal site available for use by Waseda University Alumni Association members (graduates, faculty/staff alumni, specially recommended alumni, and honorary doctors).

What can you do with MyWaseda?
– Register changes to personal information
– Email/Forwarding settings
– Use WELBOX, a members-only welfare service

About Waseda Mail addresses (Lifetime address)
All alumni of Waseda University can be issued one Waseda Mail address (Lifetime address) for free to use as a MyWaseda login. You can set up forwarding to a designated email address. You can continue to use the Waseda Mail address created while you were a student.
For New Graduates

Log in to MyWasedaForgot your ID (Waseda Mail address)/password?

How to Create a Waseda Mail address

1Acquire an initial ID/initial password. +

After entering the information required on the application screen and completing identity verification, an initial login ID and password will be automatically issued and sent to the email address you entered during the application process.

 Application Screen

* Visit the Online Application of Identity Verification for Alumni page.
* Settings can be adjusted using the Language Settings (Japanese/English) button on the top right.

* For academic affiliation, enter your academic affiliation from when you enrolled in Waseda University (changed affiliation/were admitted) and when you graduated (or finished your studies).
Example 1: If you graduated from an undergraduate school and moved on to graduate school, enter the undergraduate school as your affiliation when you apply.
Example 2: If you enrolled in Undergraduate School A, but later changed your affiliation to Undergraduate School B, enter Undergraduate School B as your affiliation when you apply. (For year of enrollment, enter the year that you changed affiliation.)
* The email address you enter upon application will be the address to which the registration confirmation email will be sent.
* In the event of an error in the application, you will receive an email with instructions on submitting your ID.

2Log in using your initial ID/initial password. +

Access MyWaseda, input your initial ID and initial password, and click the Login button.


Starting to Use MyWaseda | Infomation Technology Service Navigation WASEDA University

3Create a Waseda Mail address/Change your password. +
  1. 1.After you log in to MyWaseda, the “Waseda Mail address Creation and Reinstatement” screen will appear. Then, continue to click the “Initial Setup” button.
  2. 2. From the Create Your Email Address screen, enter your desired account name [the part before the at mark (@)] and choose a subdomain [the part after the at mark (@)].
  3. 3.Change your password.
  4. 4.Click the “Review” button. If an error message is displayed, please refer to “Notes on input and error cases” and re-enter the correct information.
  5. 5. If the email address string appears correct, click the “Submit” button.
  6. 6. The initial setup to obtain your Waseda Mail address (Lifetime address) and password change is now complete.
    * Please keep a record of your complete Waseda Mail address displayed, including the part after the @ mark.
    * We strongly recommend changing your password regularly to protect your personal data.
4Set a forwarding email address (optional). +
  1. 1.Once you log in to MyWaseda, select Waseda Mail from the menu on the left.
  2. 2.From the Settings button on the top right, select Settings.
  3. 3.Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tag.
  4. 4.Validate the automated request sent to your forwarding email address.
  5. 5.Register your forwarding email address using the Add a forwarding address button.
5Review/update personal information. +
  1. 1.Once you log in to MyWaseda, select View and Update Profile from the menu on the left of the screen.
  2. 2.Review the information displayed on the Member Profile Update screen. Fix any issues or omissions, and if the information is correct, click the 確認 (Review) button on the bottom left.
  3. 3.Review the information and if there are no issues, click the 更新 (Update) button.
  4. 4.Finish.
    Even if you don’t make any edits, be sure to click 更新 (Update), or you will not be able to use MyWaseda services.
6Log out. +

* From the next time onward, log in using the ID(Waseda Mail address)/Password you created/set.
* If you’re using MyWaseda service contents for the first time, re-log in to MyWaseda.

The screen after you log in using your initial ID/initial password

[Waseda Alumni] changepi (1)

Notes for Applicants

■ If you created your Waseda Mail address (Lifetime address) as a student
You can continue to use the same ID/address after graduation. (You will not be issued a new one even if you re-apply.)
If you have lost your ID(Waseda Mail address) or password, you will need to have it reissued. Please note that you cannot have it reissued online.

■ If you have previously created a Waseda ID/Waseda Mail address (Lifetime address) online
If you have lost your ID(Waseda Mail address) or password, you will need to have it reissued.
Reissuing your ID/password

■ For faculty and staff and honorary doctors
If you have lost your ID(Waseda Mail address) or password, you will need to have it reissued. In order to use alumni services, you will need to create a business-use ID(Waseda Mail address) as well as an alumni-use ID(Waseda Mail address).

  • 1For graduates of Waseda University
    Apply in the same way as for alumni.
    How to Create a Waseda ID/Waseda Mail address (Lifetime address)
  • 2For non-graduates from Waseda University
    Consult the Alumni Affairs Section.
    Inquiry Form

Forgot your ID(Waseda Mail address)/password?

Your ID(Waseda Mail address) and password are measures the system uses to confirm that you are an authorized user. If someone else learns your password, it could result in your user ID being used dishonestly, and you, as the owner, would be responsible.Please ensure that you change your initial password as soon as possible. We also recommend that you change your password regularly.
Click here to reissue your ID(Waseda Mail address)/password.

* Visit the Online Application of Identity Verification for Alumni page.
* Settings can be adjusted using the Language Settings (Japanese/English) button on the top right.
* For the protection of your personal information, email and phone requests will not be answered.
* Click here for information on reissuing your password for Second Mail (an email service of Office365 Education, provided by Microsoft as an education-oriented cloud service) (Japanese only).

For New Graduates

MyWaseda can be used by those with Alumni status. You can use Waseda Mail the same way you did as a student. (MyWaseda will switch over to the Alumni menu from April for March graduates and from October for September graduates.)

Review Your Personal Information
Log in to MyWaseda and confirm that there are no issues with the registered personal information (academic affiliation, address, phone number, career history, etc.).
* Be sure to click Update even if you do not make any changes.

How to Confirm

  • 1Log in to MyWaseda
  • 2Go to Home > Global Menu, and select View and Update Profile.
  • 3Review the information displayed on the Member Profile Update screen. Make chenges and fix omissions as necessary, and if the information is correct, click the 確認(Review)button.
  • 4Review the information and if it is correct, click the 更新(Update)button.
  • 5Finish

If you will go on to study at Waseda University (e.g. Waseda University Graduate School) after graduating/completing your studies
Any changes to your personal information need to be made both for the Alumni and Student profiles.
* To update your Student profile, after you have completed Waseda ID reinstatement, go to Home > Global Menu > View/Update Your Own Profile > Update Student Profile.

See the site below for details.
Information Technology Service Navigation, WASEDA University Use of MyWaseda after Graduation

[Waseda Alumni] changepi (2024)


Is Waseda difficult to get into? ›

Q: Is it hard to get an admission in Waseda University? A: Waseda University acceptance rate for international students is around 16%, which means out of 100 applications only 17 admitted to the university. The high acceptance rate makes the admission highly competitive for international students at Waseda.

What is the acceptance rate for Waseda Sils? ›

AO September EntryResults
Academic YearApplicants(A)Ratio of Applicants to Those Accepted(B)/(A)

Who are notable Waseda alumni? ›

Waseda has graduated many notable alumni, including seven Prime Ministers of Japan, numerous important figures of Japanese literature, including Haruki Murakami, and many CEOs, including Tadashi Yanai, the CEO of UNIQLO, Nobuyuki Idei, the former CEO of Sony, Takeo f*ckui, the former president and CEO of Honda, Norio ...

Is Waseda University prestigious? ›

Waseda University is one of the top private universities in Tokyo, Japan. It is ranked #=181 in QS World University Rankings 2025.

What are the hardest colleges to get into Japan? ›

University of Tokyo (Japan) - Japan's highest-ranking university, with an acceptance rate of around 34%, the University of Tokyo is well-regarded for its academic offerings in the sciences, engineering, and humanities.

What is the hardest university to get into acceptance rate? ›

The answer to what college has the lowest acceptance rate is the same as what ivy league college has the lowest acceptance rate: Harvard. While all Ivies are known for having some of the lowest college acceptance rates of all colleges, Harvard has generally been the most selective.

Is Waseda worth it for international students? ›

Waseda offers rigorous academic programs and provides full support for its international students. There are 50 degree programs which can be completed entirely in English, across 6 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools.

What major is Waseda known for? ›

Waseda is also proud of its world-class research facilities and results in the fields of Japanese Cultural Studies, Positive Political Economics, Health and Sports Science, ICT & Robotics, Nanoenergy Materials, Mathematics and Physics, and Global Asia Studies.

What GPA is required for Waseda? ›

Minimum GPA of 3.00 out of a 4.0 scale. Students must submit a transcript issued by their home institution for admission. Students must have a good health condition.

Is Waseda University expensive? ›

The average on-campus living expense at the Waseda University is 226040 annually.

How prestigious is Keio? ›

Keio University is one of the top private universities in Tokyo, Japan. It is ranked #188 in QS World University Rankings 2025.

What is prestigious university in Japan? ›

Here are the best global universities in Japan

University of Tokyo. Kyoto University. Osaka University. Tohoku University. Nagoya University.

Is Waseda in the Ivy League? ›

Waseda University is one of six universities in Japan called Tokyo roku daigak - a Japanese equivalent to the Ivy League in the USA.

What is the No 1 Japanese university? ›

The ranking is led by Tohoku University for the fourth consecutive year, while International Christian University enters the top 10 for the first time (at number 10).

What is the prettiest university in Japan? ›

Often voted the most beautiful campus in Japan, Sapporo Campus is stunning through out the four seasons attracting tourists from all over Japan as well as from overseas. It is rare anywhere in the world for a campus of approximately 180ha to be located in the center of a city with a population of two million people.

What is the waseda acceptance rate? ›

How hard is it to get into the University of Tokyo as an American? ›

About 13% are international students, enrolled mainly in graduate programs. The University of Tokyo acceptance rate is approximately 35%.

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