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  • Difference of usage the information services
  • What is Waseda Mail address Reinstatement?
  • Take the "Required Seminar for All New Students"
  • Use of information services

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Difference of usage the information services

Students who already have a Waseda Mail address and who are advancing further at Waseda University are able to use their Waseda Mail address as their student by completing the "Mail Address Reinstatement".


What is Waseda Mail address Reinstatement?

Who must perform the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement

Who must perform the continuation procedure
Those who already have a Waseda Mail address and fall under one of the following categories
  • Those advancing to graduate school (masters’ courses, doctoral courses)
  • Those who were at Senior High school or Honjo Senior High school
  • Those advancing to Senior High school from Junior High school
  • Those changing faculty or department or major etc. who change their faculty and Student ID Number
Who don't have to perform the continuation procedure
  • Those who have multiple Student IDs
    →Those such as non-degree students who are also undergraduate, postgraduate, or Art and Architecture School full-time students, who have two or more Student ID Numbers, will be issued with a Waseda mail address ([emailprotected]) for each Student ID Number.
  • Those who enter Waseda University as undergraduates from Waseda University Senior High School or Honjo Senior High School
    →You will not need to do anything yourself. Your current Waseda mail address ([emailprotected]) will be automatically enabled.

How to perform the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement

Login to the MyWaseda using the Waseda ID and initial password that are in your copy of the “Waseda ID: User Copy” that is distributed at enrollment, and complete the procedures.

Waseda Mail address Reinstatement Steps
Waseda Waseda Mail address Reinstatement are done upon enrollment.
For detail, please refer to the following web page

How to perform the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement

Points to Note
  • Please complete Waseda Mail address Reinstatement before registering (or applying) for courses.
  • If you complete the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement, you will be able to use services related to your previous student ID.You will not be able to do.
    ex: Certificate issuance with automatic certificate issuing machine, grade inquiry, work management

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Take the "Required Seminar for All New Students"

New students and new graduate students must take and pass the seminar and test in order to acquire correct knowledge to use the IT services provided by Waseda University such as PCs, Internet services and mail services.
If you don’t take the seminar and pass the test before the deadline, your Waseda Mail address may be suspended. Without your Waseda Mail address, you cannot use the IT services in Waseda University such as MyWaseda, Waseda Moodle, course registration application, grade report and computer rooms.

Required Seminar for All New Students(Global Education Center)
Frequently Asked Questions (in Japanese)

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Use of information services

While in school, the computer room and information services, such as the campus network, can be used.


MyWaseda is a portal site that acts as an entrance point to the various services provided by Waseda University, such as attending on-demand lectures and using e-mail etc.
This enables you to use essential services for university life, such as confirming notifications from the university, using Waseda-net e-mail/Waseda Mail, Web course registration and class support system Waseda Moodle.
See the next page for how to use the MyWaseda.

MyWaseda User Guide

Waseda Mail

This can continue to be used as a student.
The saved emails and various settings (forwarding settings, labels, contact address, etc.) can continue to be used as is.
See the next page for how to use the Waseda Mail.

Waseda Mail

Waseda Moodle

Waseda Moodle is a Learning Management System that uses a web browser.
Courses you have taken will be displayed, and you can browse materials, take quizzes, have discussions, submit reports, and so on.
By completing the "Mail Address Reinstatement", the information that could be referenced in the previous school register cannot be referenced after progressing.
Please refer to the next page for how to use Waseda Moodle.

Waseda Moodle User Guide

Computer rooms

There are multiple computer rooms within the campus and these can be used freely during the times that they are not being used for lessons etc.[*1]
See the following page for the computer room locations and how to use them.

Computer Rooms Guide

Campus network

The campus wireless LAN connection and wired LAN connection may be used. [*1]
See the next page for the locations in which they can be used (access points) and how to use them.

Network Use Guide


Online storage Box can be used.[*2]
See the next page for how to use them.


Software license

Office365 can be used. [*3]
See the next page for how to use them.

Other (in Japanese)

  • [*1] Normally, the login ID is Waseda Mail address, but the login ID for the day on which the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement is carried out is the Waseda ID.
  • [*2] This service is not available for non-degree students.
  • [*3] This can be used from the day after carrying out the Waseda Mail address Reinstatement.
Use the MyWaseda as Students| Infomation Technology Service Navigation WASEDA University (2024)


Why is Waseda University famous? ›

Waseda's liberal school spirit is characterized as open, diverse and fluid, and has produced countless leaders in industry, academia and government, including seven prime ministers as well as founders and CEOs of many internationally famous corporations*.

What is my waseda ID? ›

MyWaseda login ID is your email address for the email service provided by the university (Waseda Mail address).

Does Waseda have computer science? ›

The department of computer science and engineering pursues a variety of research in computer science and provide a high-quality education that produces global leaders in the future of computer science.

What does Waseda University teach? ›

Waseda University offers courses taught in English on East Asian and Asian studies in the areas of political science, journalism, art history, education, and industry.

Is Waseda a prestigious university? ›

Waseda University is one of the top private universities in Tokyo, Japan. It is ranked #=181 in QS World University Rankings 2025.

Is Waseda better than Tokyo University? ›

Waseda University came top for the third year in a row, followed by Meiji and Aoyama Gakuin. For humanities courses, the top three universities were Meiji, Waseda, and Rikkyō, while for sciences they were Tokyo University of Science, Waseda, and then Chiba and Meiji in joint third place.

How do I check my grades on Waseda? ›

How to Check Your Grades. Click the “Grades/Course Registration” button on the bottom left of the MyWaseda login screen. In the event the English version does not appear after you click “English” once, please click “English” a few more times or refresh the page.

What is my student ID card? ›

In general, a student ID card includes personal identification information such as name, date of birth and photo. It also contains the card's validity date, along with the name, and the logo of the academic institution where you study. Student ID cards work as proof of your student status.

Is Waseda University hard to get into? ›

To get admission to the university, students must meet the admission requirements. Applicants whose first language is not English must submit proof of English language proficiency. The Waseda University acceptance rate is around 16% for international students in 2023, which means admissions are highly selective.

Is Waseda University expensive? ›

The average on-campus living expense at the Waseda University is 226040 annually.

What GPA do you need for Waseda University? ›

Minimum GPA of 3.00 out of a 4.0 scale. Students must submit a transcript issued by their home institution for admission. Students must have a good health condition.

Is waseda worth it for international students? ›

Waseda offers rigorous academic programs and provides full support for its international students. There are 50 degree programs which can be completed entirely in English, across 6 undergraduate and 12 graduate schools.

What is Waseda acceptance rate? ›

Is Waseda difficult to get into? ›

Q: Is it hard to get an admission in Waseda University? A: Waseda University acceptance rate for international students is around 16%, which means out of 100 applications only 17 admitted to the university. The high acceptance rate makes the admission highly competitive for international students at Waseda.

What is the number 1 Japan university? ›

2024 Japanese University Ranking
1The University of TokyoTokyo ...
2Kyoto UniversityKyoto
3Keio UniversityTokyo ...
4Osaka UniversitySuita
157 more rows

What GPA is required for Waseda? ›

Minimum GPA of 3.00 out of a 4.0 scale. Students must submit a transcript issued by their home institution for admission. Students must have a good health condition.

What is the most popular degree in Japan? ›

As of May 2021, the largest share of undergraduate students at Japanese universities studied social sciences as their major. That year, more than 2.6 million university students were enrolled in undergraduate studies in Japan, with female students accounting for around 45.5 percent of the student body.

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