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Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers schedule here has 71 games available to purchase.
  • The next game is Los Angeles Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies today, Tuesday, 07/09/2024 at 6:40 PM at Citizens Bank Park.
  • There are 1957 LA Dodgers tickets available for that game with the cheapest starting at $21 per ticket.
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Dodgers 2024 Tickets

Demand for Dodgers tickets is rising as L.A. fans are going to be out in full force for games this season. The team is loaded with superstars which will draw huge crowds for each game. The demand around Southern California for Dodgers tickets has never been stronger, as fans flock to see the most talented roster in major league baseball. That strong demand is reflected in Dodgers ticket prices which continue to rise, particularly for their marquee games or big rivalry games like the SF Giants.

The Dodgers have played approximately 21,000 games in their history and still rank among our top selling MLB teams. In recent years the average "get in" price for a Dodgers home game has ranked at or near the top of the league. Those higher than normal prices are often driven by a handful of games. L.A.'s biggest games come against their divisional rivals the Arizona Diamondbacks, San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, in particular their games against the Pads and Giants. Other big Dodgers home games are whenever the Cubs, Red Sox or Yankees visit Dodger Stadium.

The only games for L.A. that rival those big rivalry games in demand are the postseason Dodgers games. When the Dodgers reach the playoffs a good series opponent can send demand soaring particularly in the NLCS or World Series. Fans in Los Angeles are optimistic this year's squad may have another magical run in them. Los Angeles is a town that loves a winner and the Dodgers are winning in a big way these days including a big win in the World Series. LA fans are hoping that 2024 is the year the Dodgers will bring home another Commissioner's Trophy.

The regular-season game that LA baseball fans circle on their calendar each season is Dodgers Opening Day. Never more so, than this season. Even though this ball club has hosted over 131 home openers, the demand for tickets is typically the most of any game until they reach the post-season. Fans at Opening Day get to experience baseball on the first day of the season and check out the new faces that are part of this stacked Dodgers lineup.

Dodgers Spring Training games are an inexpensive,way for fans to check out the 2024 team. The Dodgers play their spring training games at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. Los Angeles shares the 13,000 stadium with the Chicago White Sox. Camelback Ranch is a newer stadium that is just a few minutes outside of Phoenix and a fantastic place for baseball fans to visit during Dodgers Spring Training. Ticket prices in Spring Training are a fraction of the price for a Dodgers home game, so fans take advantage of those cheap tickets.

Ticket prices on Dodgers playoff games vary, but demand is solid for early round home games like the Divisional series.. The real demand in the postseason comes if Los Angeles makes it to the NLCS and/or World series. The Dodgers compete in the stacked NL West, which means they have to best the Diamondbacks, Rockies, Padres and SF Giants just to earn a playoff berth. Although the goal for most Dodgers fans is not just making the postseason, it's to advance deep into the NL Playoffs and hopefully host World Series games at Chavez Ravine. We offer MLB Playoff tickets for every round including Wild Card Games, NL Division Series and the NLCS. Should the 2024 find themselves back in the Fall Classic, then we can help fans secure World Series tickets as well.

L.A. Games at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers play their home games at Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California. Dodger Stadium is the largest stadium in MLB and holds nearly 56,000 fans. Dodger Stadium is popular with baseball purists because there are good sight lines throughout and not any obstructions. The Right Field Pavilion includes an all-you-can-eat option, as well as a great view of the opposing team’s bullpen from section 302. The Los Angeles Dodgers dugout is on the Dodger Stadium third base line in front of sections 11-15. Fans attending a Dodgers home may want to pre-purchasing Dodger Stadium parking to save time on game day.

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets for 2024 Games | TicketCity (2024)
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