Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets 2024 (2024)

Dodgers 2023 Tickets Guide

Updated 7/8/2024 / First Published 2/17/2023

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets 2024 (1)

The Dodgers had another incredible season in 2022, winning 111 games. Their success landed them 3rd on the list of most popular MLB tickets on RateYourSeats.com.

While expectations remain high in 2023, this is one of the first years in recent memory that the Dodgers lost more talent than they added. With the Padres breathing down their neck in the division, games in September might be a little tenser than in recent seasons.

Where to Buy Dodgers Tickets

Season Tickets

Dodgers season tickets are available in most areas of the ballpark in 2023. In addition to 81 games worth of tickets, memberships include stadium discounts, post-season ticket priority and other perks.

Single-Game Tickets

Dodgers single-game tickets are now available through the team's website.

Tickets are also available for all games on RateYourSeats.com. By using the Dodger Stadium seating chart, you can sort through more than 80,000 Dodgers tickets. Compare multiple games at once and discover great deals in all areas of the ballpark.

Group Tickets and Packages

Understanding that the commitment for season tickets is too high for some, the Dodgers also offer reduced season memberships. These include two options for half-season tickets and four options for quarter-season tickets.

Dodger Stadium is also a popular option for group outings. The ballpark has pre-game group areas and in-game seats that cater to larger groups.

Most pre-game parties are hosted in one of the multiple bar areas of the outdoor Terrace Party and Station areas.

In-game group options typically include the Home Run Seats and Box Seats that are scattered about the stadium.

How Much are Dodgers Tickets?

2023 Ticket Prices

The Dodgers did not make any official price change announcements for the 2023 season. The face value of tickets is expected to be similar to last season.

On the secondary market, ticket prices reflect the success of the team. As of early 2023, the get-in price for each game is more than $20. Overall, Dodgers tickets rank as the most expensive MLB ticket on RateYourSeats.com.

Cheap Dodgers Tickets

Finding cheap Dodgers tickets will be a difficult task this season if the team continues to play well. Your best bet is to target games happening early in the week (Monday-Wednesday) against a non-premium opponent.

On the weekend, we've found that most Sunday home games are priced 20-30% lower than Saturday games in the same series.

Key Series in 2023

The Dodgers have one of the most exciting home schedules in the league in 2023. They host all the usual suspects from the National League plus superstar teams (Yankees/Astros) and superstar players (Trout/Ohtani) from the A.L.

Here are the hottest Dodgers matchups and tickets for 2023:

Cubs vs. Dodgers - Apr 14-16

Cubs fans always come out in droves when their team visits Los Angeles. That's especially true when the series is over a weekend.

This early-season test comes after a long April road trip for the Dodgers.

  • Apr 14

    Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • Apr 15

    Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • Apr 16

    Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • All Dodgers vs Cubs Games

Yankees vs Dodgers - Jun 2-4

MLB's new schedule means that the Dodgers will host the Yankees every other year. This is an "on" year for the series in L.A., and it comes with high expectations.

Both fan bases expect to be playing in the World Series in October, and this might be a bit of a preview.

  • Jun 2

    New York Yankees at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • Jun 3

    New York Yankees at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • Jun 4

    New York Yankees at Los Angeles DodgersTickets for this event are no longer available

  • All Dodgers vs Yankees Games

Astros vs. Dodgers - Jun 23-25

In the month of June, Dodger Stadium hosts teams from New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The packed home schedule concludes with a series against the defending champion Astros.

Compared to other weekend series, this one is relatively affordable. Expect big crowds and a playoff-like atmosphere.

  • All Dodgers vs Astros Games

Padres vs. Dodgers - Sep 11-13

The Dodgers won the division by 22 games in 2022, but the Padres are looking to close the gap. With just 15 games remaining after this series, these games might be make-or-break for both teams.

This is one of the more expensive weekday series on the schedule, and we'd expect prices to rise further if there are playoff implications on the line.

  • All Dodgers vs Padres Games

Best Ticket Options at Dodger Stadium

The best tickets at Dodger Stadium run along the infield from one dugout to the other. The sections are referred to as the Dugout Club and come with lounge access and in-seat wait service. Fans love these tickets for their close views of the game and amenities.

The table below lists top ticket options with the lowest price for the rest of the season (as of Jul. 8, 2024) and a link to explore seats.

  • Baseline Club $249More Info
  • Dugout Club $604More Info
  • Home Run Seats $326More Info

Cheaper Options

As one of the largest stadiums in the MLB, Dodger Stadium has many tickets that are far away from home plate. Being far away typically means lower prices and that is the case here.

One of these locations is the Top Deck which holds the highest seats and cheapest tickets in the stadium. If being high up doesn't sound appealing, tickets in the outfield are typically less expensive than elsewhere in the stadium.

2023 Changes at Dodger Stadium

After completing the pavilion renovations a few seasons ago, there have not been many changes to Dodger Stadium. Fans can expect the same experience at the park that they have grown to love for years.

Best 2023 Dodgers Giveaways & Promos

The Dodgers have a wide variety of promotional events scheduled for the 2023 season. This includes themed nights, giveaways, and even post-game shows.

Themed nights include several heritage nights, military and teacher appreciation, and mental health awareness to name a few. Fans will also enjoy the giveaway days, especially the bobbleheads and jerseys. Finally, scattered throughout the season are fireworks and drone shows post-game.

Some of the best promotional games of the year include:

  • Apr 1

    Arizona Diamondbacks at Los Angeles DodgersFreddie Freeman BobbleheadTickets for this event are no longer available

  • May 15

    Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles DodgersMookie Betts Bobblehead giveawayTickets for this event are no longer available

  • May 30

    Washington Nationals at Los Angeles DodgersJulio Urias City Connect Jersey giveawayTickets for this event are no longer available

  • Jun 15

    Chicago White Sox at Los Angeles DodgersClayton Kershaw Bobblehead giveawayTickets for this event are no longer available

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets 2024 (2024)
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