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LA Dodgers Tickets

The LA Dodgers: what a team. The Dodgers jersey has been a lucky charm for countless MLB greats – the team has produced 18 Rookie of the Year winners, 12 Cy Young Award winners, 13 MVPs, 23 National League pennants, and six World Series victories. Those are some serious bragging rights. It’s hard to believe that the jewel of the NL West once began as an East Coast team.

Back in Brooklyn

That’s right — when the franchise was first established in the 1880s, they were known as the Brooklyn Dodgers. From the beginning, the Dodgers were record setters, especially when they helped break down barriers in 1947 by recruiting Jackie Robinson, the first African-American ballplayer to make it to the MLB. The Dodgers then picked up Ray Campanella the following season, with both the first baseman and catcher being inducted into the Hall of Fame in the 1960s.

The team would dominate the 1950s, ultimately culminating in a storybook World Series win in 1955 against their arch-rival, the New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers had stymied the Dodgers since 1941 when they took the championship from them, making it even sweeter when the Boys of Summer finally emerged victorious.

The Big Move

The Dodgers moved west and resettled in Los Angeles in 1958, bringing their Yankees rivalry with them. The newly-reborn LA Dodgers were a dominant force in the ’60s thanks to brilliant pitchers like Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, especially when the Dodgers swept the Yanks in 1963 for another World Series win, much to the chagrin of their former neighbors.

The Los Angeles Dodgers of the 80s were also a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the team continuing their tradition of strong pitchers like Fernando Valenzuela and Orel Hershiser. Meanwhile, hitters like Kirk Gibson and his bottom-of-the-ninth home run antics would wow Dodgers fans, further cementing the team’s reputation as nothing but all-stars.

A Giant Rivalry

If there’s any Dodgers rivalry that surpasses the Yankees, it’s the one that crossed the country with them: the Giants. The New York Giants relocated to California the same year the Dodgers moved West, becoming the San Francisco Giants. The transplanted Giants and Dodgers have been fighting tooth-and-nail ever since.

Their rivalry shows no signs of slowing any time soon. As of the end of the 2018 season, they both have 23 NL pennant wins, placing them neck-and-neck once again. While the Giants just edge out the Dodgers by two World Series championships, Los Angeles won’t take that lying down. Get ready for sparks to fly the next time these two West Coast teams clash!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the Dodgers play?

The LA Dodgers have been housed in the aptly-named Dodger Stadium since 1962, though it has been renovated extensively over the years. Today, this park is the oldest one of its kind on the West Coast and the third-oldest overall in the MLB, with only Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park being older.

When do LA Dodgers tickets go on sale?

Dodgers tickets go on sale well before the beginning of the MLB’s regular season. So you’ve got plenty of time to check the schedule, pick the games you want to see, and make a plan to score cheap Dodgers tickets.

Is it better to buy Dodgers tickets in advance?

With Dodgers tickets being available so far ahead of time, it’s easy to buy in advance – but you probably don’t need to. You can often get cheap last-minute tickets to Dodgers games by waiting until almost the day of.

The reason is that unsold tickets don’t make any money, so resellers often lower their prices as game day approaches. These prices can often hit rock-bottom, especially in the case of resellers offering tickets they paid for themselves. With resellers losing money on unsold tickets, they’re even more motivated to sell at any price they can.

What’s the best way to buy cheap Dodgers tickets?

The best way to buy cheap Dodgers tickets, or any cheap last-minute sports tickets, is always going to be from a ticket marketplace. These online platforms often have the most affordable prices and are by-and-large the safest and most secure way to shop for Los Angeles Dodgers tickets. Can you buy Dodgers tickets at the stadium? Sure –but you might end up overpaying.

Why should I choose Gametime over other ticket marketplaces?

If you’re looking for cheap Dodgers tickets, Gametime is your go-to. Seats bought through us are always the most affordable, thanks to our low service fees. On top of that, we know how important it is that you enjoy the game, so we show you the view from the seats you’re shopping for with our virtual seating chart. That way you’ll know exactly what your view of the field will be before you buy those cheap Dodgers tickets.

That’s not the only reason why Gametime is your best choice, though. We’re so sure our experience is better than the others that we guarantee we’ll get your cheap Dodgers tickets to you in time for game day.

Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets | Starting at $20 (2024)
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